Sewer Inspection Is Crucial for Older Homes – Here’s Why

Older houses present an attractive option for homebuyers due to several reasons, including their affordability and potential to be flipped into the buyer’s dream house. However, before purchasing an older house, it is crucial that a plumbing inspection be carried out, especially of the sewer system.

Here’s how and why older homes can benefit from sewer camera inspection services.

To Check for Tree Roots

Tree roots in search of water and nutrients tend to find what they’re looking for in older pipes as the cracks allow the roots to gain access to the pipes. If a drain inspection is not scheduled promptly, a tree root infiltration will further weaken the already compromised pipes.

To Mitigate Damage

Older pipe systems will break easily under intense pressure, whether it’s due to a root invasion or a soil shift. Therefore, it is best you make use of our sewer video inspection services to help you determine the current condition of your sewer system. From the video footage, our team of experts can then take the appropriate steps necessary to efficiently address the issue.

Knowledge Is Power 

The mere fact of buying or owning an older home already warrants a sewer video inspection. Old houses are susceptible to a wide range of sewer problems. You don’t want to purchase a home only to realize that it has incorrectly installed pipelines or faulty plumbing. Such conditions can only lead to leaks and property damage.

Make sure that your drains are clean and all plumbing is functioning well by working with a professional plumber.

Presence of Toxic Substances

Many old houses contain sewer systems that can be considered as of inferior quality based on today’s standards. Furthermore, some of the materials used, such as lead, galvanized steel, or polybutylene, are now considered toxic to humans. We advise that you hire professionals to perform a pipe camera inspection of your sewer line to ensure your pipes are still safe for use.

A plumbing inspection is vital to ensure that you live a healthy and comfortable life in your new investment. Contactt us to help you assess the condition of your sewers.

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